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As a "wedding minister" or "wedding officiant" in the central Georgia area, Much time is needed helping each couple plan their special day.  An outstanding wedding takes a lot of planning and coordination, whereas a 10 minute ceremony takes little. When you really think about it, your wedding should be "priceless".  Unfortunately, priceless doesn't fit the average budget.  I will tell you though, in my book, a simple ceremony performed in a home, park, or even a bowling alley is more special than one that is performed by a judge or the justice of the peace in a stuffy government office somewhere.

I perform three levels of wedding services: Basic, Standard, and Full Service. These services last anywhere from 5 minutes to 50 minutes but are rarely more than 35 minutes.  Weddings are performed in a location of your choice indoors and out, in the greater central Georgia area.  There is an additional travel fee for locations outside a 50 mile radius of Warner Robins. If you're eloping come to Macon or Warner Robins for a simple elopement ceremony, my fee for an elopement ceremony is $100.

Basic Service: This is for those on a budget, and the service is pretty much just the wedding vows.  You can get married in that stuffy government office I mentioned earlier but should you decide on that option,  there will be no planning for your ceremony, it won't be very special and the cost will be $75 or so.  But if you want to have your ceremony outside, in a restaurant, on a boat, or in a private home, etc., then you need someone like myself and even though the ceremony will be only five or ten minutes, you can exchange whatever vows you wish whether they are written by you or you choose from the many that I have on hand.  My cost to perform such a simple ceremony is $100.  There is no meeting or rehearsal ahead of time and we will simply plan your ceremony over the phone, and then we'll meet at the wedding.

Standard Service: Should a couple want a ceremony that lasts somewhere between ten and twenty minutes you will want the Standard Service. This includes a telephone interview and/or a short personal meeting just prior to the wedding to cover the ceremony items such as the vows, prayers, procedures and such that will be utilized. I do not participate in a formal rehearsal for this type of ceremony but should you believe a rehearsal is absolutely essential you may have the rehearsal in my absence or we can make arrangements for my attendance.  My cost for this type of ceremony is $200, this is the choice of most couples.

Full Service:  There are couples want a very special and unique wedding ceremony that has been well planned and lasts from 20-45 minutes, depending on their wishes.  These couples wish to celebrate this occasion in a way that is unique and has been designed exactly in accordance with their plans and dreams.  This precision planning requires that I meet with the couple for an hour or two so we can plan things to the finest detail.  Following this meeting I generate a custom flow-chart/script with all the details that have been agreed upon.  Once this has been annotated or approved by the couple we are ready to conduct a complete rehearsal.  Because of the significant planning efforts, this ceremony will indeed by a wedding that will be one that dreams are made of and will most certainly be remembered as a very special day by all that attend.  To plan and write such a ceremony is quite time consuming but certainly worth the cost.  My fee for this type of service is $350.

My credentials are as follows; I have earned a Bachelor's Degree in Education with a minor in Psychology and a Master's in Biblical Counseling.  I have been an ordained minister since graduating from Bible College and I have led a variety of religious programs and ceremonies over the past 30 years.

For additional information, you may contact me at:  or phone: (478) 321-8089.

Best wishes with your wedding plans.  May the Lord, bless you and keep you.


Ceremony and Vow Examples

NOTE 1:  I offer a Military Discount for those on Active Duty, $50 off the cost of each service listed above.

NOTE 2:  If you cannot afford my fees and you need to be married,  please let me know, I promise you; we can work it out.